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Ease Those Aches of Aging: Discover Lasting Pain Relief with Legacy Chiro

Updated: Feb 21

Being a senior citizen comes with perks – discounts at restaurants and entertainment venues, tax breaks, more financial stability, and increased freedom of time. However, being an older adult also has some disadvantages. Adults over 65 experience increased risk of disease, infection, and chronic pain. Joint mobility declines with age which causes balance and coordination to be more a concern. Rather than living a life of medication dependance or fear of falling, many seniors are looking to alternative treatments to help them manage these issues of aging.


Chronic pain affects up to 83 percent of seniors. Much of this is attributed to degenerative spine and arthritic conditions. Inadequate treatment of pain is associated with depression, anxiety and sleep disturbances. Rather than relying on pain medication, which often poses its own risks, many seniors are seeking chiropractic help for pain management. Back and neck pain is often associated with subluxations and inflammation in the spine. Chiropractors actively seek out the root cause of the pain and, instead of masking the pain with medication, they address these underlying issues. Through gentle adjustments and trained manipulation of the spine, a chiropractor can fix the issues causing pain and the relief will be more lasting and effective.


Another concern many aging adults deal with is the risk of falling. Falls are the leading cause of injury for adults aged 65 or older. One in four adults report falling each year. Fear of falling can affect a senior’s motivation and desire to maintain an active lifestyle, which can affect overall health as well. The reason many older adults have a higher risk of falling is because of the natural decline in joint mobility and coordination as we age. However, falling does not have to be a normal part of aging. By addressing spinal misalignments and joint restrictions, a trained chiropractor can help improve mobility and flexibility in older adults. Chiropractic adjustments can also help with proprioception, the body's sense of position and movement, and reduce the risk of falls by promoting better balance and coordination.


What about overall health? A healthy nervous system is key in ensuring that all of our other bodily systems are also functioning properly. Chiropractors seek to optimize the function of the nervous system by addressing the issues in the spine, the core of the body’s nervous system. A properly functioning nervous system (which is enhanced by a properly-aligned spine) can improve the body’s immunity, digestion, hormone balance, circulation and sleep quality. This is great news for all adults, but especially seniors who are at higher risk for sickness, digestion issues and sleep disruption.


But, is it safe for seniors to seek out chiropractic care? Many older adults may have special medical considerations or limitations, which could put them at higher risk for injury. Chiropractic care is considered one of the safest interventions, if performed by a properly trained chiropractor with experience in treating older adults. Trained chiropractors will thoroughly assess a senior patient’s medical history, including any current conditions, medications and past injuries or surgeries.  A chiropractor will then work with the patient to develop a unique treatment plan which takes into consideration an individual’s needs, limitations and risk factors.


Aging gracefully can be a challenge. Seniors are faced with unique concerns that affect their health, safety and daily comfort level. Chiropractic care could be one of the easiest and most effective solutions that seniors have to address issues of aging. The professionals at Legacy Chiropractic would love the opportunity to meet with you to address your personal concerns and develop a plan specifically tailored to meet your own needs and put you on the road to whole-body health and an improved quality of life in your senior years.


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