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Solving Pediatric Digestive Issues and Building Immunity with Chiropractic Care

Navigating the world of pediatric health is a daunting task, especially for parents of young children who are approaching school age. There seem to be so many decisions to make and sometimes even medical professionals can give differing opinions about what is right for your child. More and more parents are seeking alternative and non-invasive ways to treat symptoms and promote the overall health and wellness of their children. Introducing your young child to the world of chiropractic care can be one of the most important steps you can take as a parent in setting them up for optimal wellness as an adult. Here are a few ways chiropractic care can benefit young children.

Proper Growth and Development: Because the spine is the pillar of growth for our bodies, regular adjustments help ensure that this pillar is strong during a child’s many growth spurts. Regular adjustments can contribute to better posture, which will foster a solid musculoskeletal system that should prevent future back and neck issues. This will also help them as they enter into sports and all other adventures of an active childhood.

Cognitive Health: Cognitive function in kids can also be improved by a healthy nervous system supported by chiropractic care. A recent study showed that chiropractic treatment in young children can assist in motor function as well as cognitive performance. This concludes logically as we know that the brain, nervous system and spine are uniquely interconnected.

Digestion: Reportedly, up to 30 percent of infants and young children deal with some type of digestion issue, such as constipation and reflux. This can be a painful and frustrating situation for both child and parents, and can also carry with it a multitude of other risk factors. A study from 2008 showed that young children who were given full-spine chiropractic care showed an improvement in digestion issues, even with previously unsuccessful attempts with medicine and diet change.

Immunity: Why does it seem like some kids bring home every cold or virus that makes its way through their daycare or classroom? Bolstering a child’s immune system is so important, especially as they are starting school and entering into the foundational years of learning. Of course, a healthy diet and proper vitamin balance is key in encouraging immunity, but chiropractic care can also contribute to a healthy immune system. The nervous system communicates with the rest of our body through our spinal cord, and because of this, misalignments can wreak havoc on a child’s immunity. Regular chiropractic adjustments may help ensure that the communication pathways between your child’s bodily systems are working properly and can appropriately fight off those inevitable classroom bugs.

Pain Relief: Chiropractic care can provide a non-invasive, drug-free approach to pain management. Being a kid can be a pain! From growth spurts, to sports injuries to the ordinary aches and pains of normal play, managing your child’s discomfort can be tricky. It is common for children to experience conditions such as back pain or headaches. Chiropractic interventions can help by determining the underlying causes of discomfort rather than treating only symptoms.

We understand there could be many questions about what chiropractic care may look like for a young child. At Legacy Chiropractic, we are committed to answering any questions you many have and to help you find the best solutions to set your child up for optimal health and wellness from childhood to adolescence and beyond. 



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